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17 July, 2018

Succeed Financially By Focusing on Your Personal Power

Posted in : Debt reduction on by : Dave Doe

It seems like every time you open the newspaper turn on the television or just poke your head out the house window, something else terrible has happened in the world. Banks collapsing, economies failing, currency values dropping, and this is just in the financial sector, let alone everything else taking place in the world. This makes it incredibly difficult to keep your head up, because after all, if these large, powerful industries and countries are able to collapse in what seems to be a whim, than what chance do you stand to overcome such adversity in your own life?

Waiting on the World to Change

There is a single quote, penned by the famous Russian author Leo Tolstoy that sums up the situation rather nicely. He writhed, “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of themselves.” At first, this may sound a bit egotistical, but when you truly dive into it, you see what Mr. Tolstoy really meant by it. All of the problems on this world start as individual issues, and then begin to snowball outwards, until they took down banks, industries and countries.

To stop this, it isn’t practical or even possible to go at a large country and demand change. Instead, the change must occur in each individual. It is only then that an industry or company is able to start turning around, start seeing gains and start seeing a bright future. So, instead of worrying about all the negative connotations coming out of the news and outside world seemingly daily, focus on yourself and make yourself a better individual. It is only then that you’ll be able to succeed financially (and in other ways for that matter).

It Starts with You

When it comes down to focusing in on yourself financially, don’t worry about what these large banks and investment firms are doing. These industries specialize in using other people’s money, so should they not turn a profit, or actually lose a substantial amount of money, it isn’t much hair off their backs when it occurs. Sure, it looks bad to the stock holders and other potential investors, but ultimately, the CEO and board of directors of these industries still go home with their fat paychecks, padded business accounts and golden parachutes, should they ever need to jump. Don’t focus in on what THEY do; you need to instead look at what you do.

As long as you help yourself, it doesn’t matter what others do. If you focus in on the small picture, the big picture will follow. As with bad events that seem to snowball out of control, it is possible to have good events do the same thing. As you start with a small, good practice, this soon will turn into larger, good finical news for you, evolving until your entire finical state is outstanding and able to provide you with security and comfort for years to come.

If You Do Just One Thing…

The first aspect of becoming financially successful is to save. You can always have control over the amount you save and the amount you spend. Naturally, you need to save more than you spend, otherwise you’ll never climb out of debt or create a little nest egg for yourself. By creating your own budget to follow, you’ll be able to do just what many of these large industries and companies were not able to do: stay in the black. With your budget, by following it to a tee, you won’t have any problems succeeding in your life and improving your financial stability.

You never know what you’re going to see on the news or on the TV, but if you start with just one change in how you handle your money, you can expand that success into your entire life. With that success comes a feeling of personal power that helps you understand that you can be more financially successful than you ever though before.