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10 July, 2018

Solar Panel Savings for Your Home

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Families often find that they spend most of their money o household bills, with little left over for savings. One way to save your family money and help the environment at the same time is using solar energy. Today’s solar energy panels are much more efficient than the ones available just a couple of decades ago. They have also gotten smaller, which means you can get more energy without sacrificing your entire yard or roof. The initial investment in solar energy can be expensive, but generating your own power will pay for itself in a matter of months.

Save Money on Electric Bills

A common misunderstanding of solar power is that it only works on days that are bright and sunny. The truth is that solar panels connect to a generator that stores the energy so it can be collected when the sun shines and used whenever you need it. In fact, most solar power users actually sell power back to their energy providers in the form of vouchers.

Energy Prices on the Rise

All forms of non-renewable energy are getting more and more expensive. As these resources continue to dwindle, their cost will continue to rise. Solar panels are a way to cut your ties to these precious resources so that you can be sure you will have the power you need no matter how expensive traditional power sources become. Right now is the best time to consider solar installation packages because the demand for solar power is not as high as it could become in the future when natural gas, electricity, coal and other resources become too expensive for the public to afford.

Installation can be Expensive

Solar power home installations are expensive, but worth the investment. The type of system you choose makes a big difference in cost, but most solar power systems cost around $10,000 for materials and installation. Those high dollar systems can provide most of your home’s power, especially during the sunnier months of the year. That initial price tag is only painful at first, though. Once you take into account government subsidies and the ability to almost eliminate your power bills, the system usually pays for itself in less than a year.

Everyone’s Use is Different

Not every house that has solar power uses it the same way. If you typically use a lot of energy to run your home, solar power will pay for itself much more quickly. Homes that are located in areas that receive more sunlight will generate more power, which will also help the solar systems pay for themselves faster. Where you live and how much power you consume makes a big difference when you try to calculate the money you would save with solar panels. In all cases, however, you will save some money when much of your energy comes from the sun instead of the power company. Anyone who installs solar panels will see their energy costs drop, and everyone who installs panels will be eligible for government grants or subsidies.

Solar PV Panels and Solar Thermal Panels

There are two different kinds of solar systems to choose from. Solar PV systems convert sunlight directly into stored energy, while solar thermal panels use the sunlight to heat water for energy. In the UK, the government subsidy program only accepts homes that operate with solar PV systems. Solar PV panels are more efficient and they produce more energy than solar thermal panels. The energy created with solar thermal panels is ideal for areas that do not receive as much direct sunlight. Heat from thermal panels can be stored more efficiently, which means that the energy is available for longer periods. PV panels do not store energy as well as thermal panels, so they need more exposure to direct sunlight to continue to create energy.

United States Government Credits and Grants

The United States government provides tax credits, grants, and even mortgage consideration for solar powered homes. You can earn an immediate 30 percent tax credit if you install a PV solar powered system that qualifies for the government credit. Energy Star rebates are also available, though the rebates differ according to your time zone. In some cases, you could receive reimbursement for almost half the installation price by taking advantage of government tax credits. Local electric companies may also offer specific rebate plans for solar power users, especially if the users are able to give energy back to the grid.

On top of the financial savings, solar panels offer emotional benefits to those who care about the health of the planet. Every time you send out that check for a tiny electric bill, you’ll feel the satisfaction of making a different for all of us.